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About Creative Art And Artist 

This site is particularly meant for amateur and professional artistes who are in different stream of art work, may be animator, painter, lyricist, musician, playwright, sculptor, photographer etc. His/Her creative works are accumulated as a portfolio in this site. He or she can keep his/her resume,creative art works and can show to his friends, employers, and even make an online global art gallery of his/her creative works. He or she can exhibit and even can sell his/her art work through this web portal.

The employers as well as buyers can also make their right choice through this varied range of artistes and their art works. The institutions with different courses on Multimedia, Animation, Music and other kind of art courses can also come forward with their detail offerings to the prospective students.The recruiters also come to know from the display of institutions that where they are to go for mass campusing and get quality guys.

So, this is a heaven for the artist who can exhibit their creative works, their master pieces and can get global ratings and reviews , which help them to measure his / her standard in respect to global standard is concerned.

They can even sell their work and thus generate revenue with the help of this portal. Freelancers will have the scope to get freelance projects online here from this portal and the outsource companies can get their work done by outsourcing.

So it is a one stop solution for the artists may be professionals or amateur.

The men deeply imbued in the service of literature are not excluded here in our portal … they can come with their best and write blogs. So artists of all genre are cordially invited here to take active part and give their opinion or upload their valuable portfolios or writings.

It is an entirely artists domain … come forward and explore it … it is our earnest appeal.

Our effort is to make www.creeativeartandartist.com a cultural hub, junction of east and west, north and south, where all the stream of art mingles. So your active participation is earnestly solicited to make it a dream comes true.

We have done nothing but make a bridge in-between science and arts, art and literature and modern technology. So it’s a medley of science, art and literature. We solicit the live participation of each and every school of artist and men of literature. 

We are all Artist in HIS Kingdom
by Swami Swachidananda

GOD is the super artist and HIS is the supreme art. We are all  the greatest creation of that great artist [“Amritasya Putra” ] and performing the act of predefined part of HIS play in the stage of this mundane world. So in broader sense of view we are all artist in our art of life , activity, pose and posture ..evrything.

The Ocean, mountain, the landscape and texture of art, animals, each and every activity, the rhythm of wave, the to and fro movement of air, the fall of leaves from trees, the posture of any animal in his or her activity, the art of living, art of speaking, art of expression – everything is nothing but different types of art. There are 64 type ofart [“Kalas’] as per Hindu Shastra such as Dance, music, painting and so on.

Art knows no limitation or boundary of race, country or continent.. it is global. Where languages fail it is art that defines the unexpressed so why even today itself we talk about the cave pictures of Altamirah. The pictures of Ajanta Elora, Khajurah all are self expressive in their form of art .. where our pen stops , there a painters brush can express the theme with full expression with hue. Even in modern teaching system we are applying this very technique by using form of art as audio visual media.. which makes our bookish knowledge sound. So it is the greatest medium to express.

Art is beauty, beauty is art. “Satyam Shivam Sundaram” is rightly hailed as Truth is beauty and beauty is truth. Ecstatic and sensual beauty of internal and external world are all nothing but manifestation of Art created by HIM.

So, in conclusion,  it may be said that performing art in any form is nothing but worshiping GOD and  I , therefore,  advice all of you to come forward and take active part in this great feast of art and make the www.creativeartandartist.com a cultural hub and a success story of art, that we play the part in HIS play in mundane stage of world. 

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